Gathering, Changing and Making Breakthrough——2022 Grand Annual Ceremony for Award & Summarization Session by SPEY Technology
Release time:2023-02-23 11:04:39   Author:Minor editor


On January18, 2023, Ningbo SPEY Technology Co., Ltd. held its 2022 Grand Annual Ceremony for Award & Summarization Session in Daxie International Hotel, which was attended by totally 130 people, including members of the operation leadership, the management and individuals and groups being awarded.


In the 1st session of the conference, centers and departments under the Company made conclusive reports on what have been achieved in 2022, and proposed the working plan for 2023.

Expressing recognition on the previous year of fruition and efforts by all employees, Mr.Zhang (Director) analyzed advantages and disadvantages to be improved or even eliminated. He explained the essence of a thorough remoulding, which shall count on the construction of a corporate governance structure featuring normalization, high efficiency and improvement, extensive and intensive technology accumulation, as well as more scientific management operation system. Meanwhile, the strategic deployment of all departments of the Company was expressly clarified for 2023.


In retrospect of 2022 accomplishments, company operations and focus, Mr.Li introduced the operation objectives and strategies, and delivered new ideas and new prospects.



The 2nd session of the conference embarked on the signing of 2023 Operation Objectives and Responsibilities by Medium and Senior Leadership of SPEY Technology, which represented duties, commitments, and trusts, and more importantly, the consolidated confidence for decisive victory of 2023.
Photo of Individuals Honored as Excellent


Photo of Advanced Groups


In the 3rd session of the conference, awards were granted to groups and individuals of SPEY Technology, including 2022 Excellent Groups and Excellent Individuals, involving 15 individuals and groups, which will serve as the good examples and lead SPEY Technology to move forward, resulting in the source of motivation for sustainable development. With expectation of playing the model role, these excellent groups and individuals will practice what preach as always and fight for a better future of SPEY Technology.


Time goes by and new hope comes. The success, failure and regret occurring to 2022 have become the history. The laughter, industriousness and sorrows have become valuable part of life. In face of the coming 2023, new opportunities, hardships and challenges await. New hope, new success and future are available. By staying true to the original aspiration and working hard, SPEY Technology will strive for success and a better future.