SPEY Technology "Hand-in-Hand, Marching to the Top” Hiking Competition"
Release time:2023-02-23 10:52:18   Author:Minor editor

On 26th Nov. 2022, the hiking competition hosted by the Party of the company and co-hosted by the HR and AD was successful at the Qiding Mountain of the Daxie, with more than 80 employees participating in the competition.


At the beginning, the contestants stood in a group of three. Zhao Guang, the chief of the safety and environmental protection department, explained the cautions for hiking and the solutions with emergencies. Whistle up! All the contestants rushing out, catching up one after another, they also encouraged each other, and marching forward bravely, it showed exact the spirit of the SPEY people vividly.






Through the fierce competition, the top three teams won with their strong psychological quality and patience, and the other players all made great efforts to reach the final line (Qiding Mountain SPEY Pavilion). The three leaders awarded the winners with banners. President Li said that the group hiking competition is very meaningful for improving the physical quality of our employees and increasing team cohesion. The company will strongly support and encourage the development of similar activities in the future.





The hiking competition came to a successful end with applause and cheers. The competition represented the team spirit of SPEY, and fully displayed the spirit of positive and brave of our people. In the future, SPEY people will continue to inherit and carry forward these spirit, we will work for win-win and co-create a splendid future together!