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Release time:2023-02-10 09:17:47   Author:小编

Spey Technology won the 2022 Wuyang Honda "Quality Excellence Award"


The golden tiger leaps into the wind, and the jade rabbit lightly brings blessings. In the external environment of the COVID-19, we have passed an extraordinary 2022. This year, Ningbo Sibei Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangmen factory fully cooperated with Wuyang Honda's various work, and performed well in QCDDM, quality, new product development, cost, and delivery indicators; The year 2022 is also the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Wuyang Honda. On this occasion, Wuyang Honda has ranked among more than 200 suppliers in the same category of parts suppliers through Q evaluation. In the past three years, it has maintained an upward trend in Q evaluation scores and grades, and has selected 5 suppliers with good performance to be awarded the "Quality Exceeding Award". By commending suppliers with outstanding quality performance, setting advanced examples, and driving the overall supplier to continuously improve towards the overall quality level of high-quality products.



On February 3, 2023, leaders such as Wuyang Honda Deputy General Manager Kenichi Ogata visited the Spielberg Technology Jiangmen factory and held the "Quality Exceeding Award" award ceremony. Factory Manager Chen Guangxi received the "Quality Exceeding Award" medal on behalf of the company.